Changing an Enterprise Delivery Model

A complex enterprise with multiple competing stakeholders need rules and the capability to evolve continually as internal and external factors change. Creating a foundation of shared facts, well defined processes and the forums within which to effectively trade risk and adjust is what allows change and evolution. At Integris we see better answers to old fashioned problems – how to get things done right working with all the constituents of a good outcome.

An enterprise client with a set of ITO and MNS contracts greater than $1.5B had reached a point of stagnation with their incumbent providers. Transparency and innovation were missing and customers did not feel like they were receiving the right levels of service or that they had a voice in improving those services.

As we see repeatedly, the cross functional components of the existing services contracts were not working well. Not only was the customer experience poor, but there was no real mechanism to change provider behavior around cross functional activities. Working with the client and the incumbent provider we negotiated a reduction in scope and removed the cross functional services from the existing services contract. We worked with the incumbent provider to maximize the value of the remaining towers.

We recommended that the cross functional services be bid to the market. The client accepted our recommendation and is now operating with a more modern operating environment. The new integrator has assumed the management of towers run by the incumbent and is providing a level of transparency that our client had never before seen. Along the way we helped our client establish the forums needed to engage its customers in this change initiative. The customers helped shape the strategy, evaluated bids and influenced the direction of the new delivery model. They now feel like their voices are heard and that the forums exist for them to help evolve the platform.

We are now working with the client to update the services provided through the integrator, to offer more choices to their customers and to bring into the delivery model the innovation that exists in the marketplace. We are helping our client re-design services contracts to deal with change – to make change management their essential purpose; we are re-thinking how pricing and investment models are structured, how services are defined, and how shared accountability could work for a family of services and service providers. This dynamic delivery model engages providers, customers and the market place to evolve and move forward.