Dean Johnson - GTA - Statescoop - NASCIO

Dean Johnson (NASCIO / GTA) on Cloud, “Plug-and-Play” Platform

At the mid-year NASCIO conference, held in Alexandria, VA, cloud and "as-a-service" were popular topics.  In the following videos, Dean Johnson, Chief Operating Officer of the Georgia Technology Authority (GTA) talks about his current initiatives. Pay-As-You-Go Cloud Services Help Georgia Hold ...
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2015 Outsourcing Trends to Watch for 2015 just posted its 2015 trends to watch in outsourcing for 2015. Many of their findings align with Integris Applied's perspectives, including: "Outcomes Become the Name of the Game".  Integris believes that services should be tailored toward business outcomes - ...
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Outsourcing Management - The Basics Count

Outsourcing Management – The Basics Count

The IT outsourcing industry has lots of advice available about optimum management models, tools, methods, and processes.  With the growth of multi-supplier outsourcing and cloud-based services, the marketplace continues to add new best practices. However, most companies still don’t manage ...
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The contract is not "King" in outsourcing

The contract is not “King” in outsourcing

The outsourcing industry has traditionally focused resources on bidding and negotiating strong contracts.  But once a deal is complete, buyers often put less emphasis and minimal resources on managing the resulting commercial relationship. For more than a century the marketplace ...
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metrics 9 Tips for How to Use Operating Level Agreements in Multisourcing

Operating Level Agreements (OLAs) are evolving from simple performance specifications to records of interdependence and shared accountabilities – something fundamentally new in the deal structure of outsourcing.  The changing role of the OLA is a work-in-progress that is opening up ...
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