We call Andrew “undaunted.”  And how could he not be after spending a lifetime pronouncing “Chludzinski” for anyone he meets!  Andrew has over 25 years of experience as an advisor and as a supplier across multiple industries and multiple client situations.  He is as at home in a large New York bank as he is inside a state government enterprise. Andrew embodies the “get ‘er done” mindset – after all, he is undaunted.  All told the projects on which he has been engaged have a total contract value of more than $9 billion (plus another $5 billion for strategy and assessment).

Andrew’s recent work has focused on training and advising client personnel, giving them the tools and expertise they need to sustain the changes he helps them implement. From governance processes for managing sourcing agreements to advising current IT service providers on improving relationships, Andrew understands the industry and the strategy for success.

Andrew lives in New Jersey with his wife and son. When he is not escaping to Camden Yards to take in an Orioles game, he is on his Harley Davidson burning up the road.