Jon embodies the Integris Applied belief that sourcing arrangements must focus on long-term outcomes and relationships. Having managed poorly structured sourcing contracts, Jon does not want his clients to suffer the slings and arrows he has endured.  He specializes in finance and sourcing strategy, and has had a career that belies his youthfulness – spanning all stages of the sourcing lifecycle for ITO and BPO projects. His experience with a variety of consulting services includes RFP development, financial modeling, and contract negotiation for global commercial and public clients.

Jon began his career in contract governance as a financial lead, managing budgeting, invoice disputes and change controls for a $400 million IT contract. This experience developed his vision to design sourcing contracts, which benefit all involved parties after signing. Jon is also a master negotiator who was able to convince his wife to move into a home across the street from his favorite team’s (the Detroit Tigers) stadium.