Patrick Moore

Patrick is a seasoned executive who understands that leading a modern organization requires constant change. In his career, Patrick has served U.S. Senators in Washington, DC, worked on political campaigns, led transformational enterprise programs and built teams for complex IT sourcing proposals. As a recovering collegiate rower, Patrick believes that organizations, like racing shells, are inherently unstable – only constant adjustments, team work, and confidence can keep them moving forward. A former CIO, Patrick has walked in the shoes of our clients. And combined with his experience at HP, Patrick has led or influenced most of the largest public sector IT outsourcing programs in recent years. He joined Integris Applied to help organizations adjust to ever-changing conditions and to create outcomes that improve the lives of their customers.

Patrick lives in Atlanta, Georgia with his wife and two sons. He is an active member of Christ the King Catholic church and a senior fellow with the Center for Digital Government. While his rowing days are behind him, he does step into a boat on occasion – and manages to keep it afloat!