For over 25 years, Gerardo has provided strategic planning, financial analysis, project management, performance assessments and efficient governance processes for large-scale complex IT environments.   Focusing on defining successful sourcing alternatives and their implementation, Gerardo has been counseling C-level IT executives for market-leading corporations in North and South America almost as long as Adam West has portrayed him on TV.

Gerardo has advised clients through large, global IT transformation initiatives involving the different aspects sourcing strategies, from building RFPs to negotiating sourcing agreements and their corresponding transitions.  Before becoming a sourcing advisor, he was a Project Executive for a leading global supplier of IT Sourcing Services.

Gerardo lives in Vienna, Virginia with his wife and sidekick Robyn – who, like his clients, refer to him affectionately as “Batman”.   They enjoy traveling and spending time with their two heroic daughters who recently graduated from college.