Outsourcing…[and multisourcing]…evolving thanks to the cloud

Clients are increasingly moving toward multisourcing.  The old reasons (establishing relationships with “best-of-breed” providers and maintaining internal competitiveness) still apply.  Now however, as cloud offerings continue to simplify and commodify IT infrastructure services, there are more reasons to divide scope across several purpose-specific providers.

Thomas Reuner of Ovum is quoted in TechRepublic:  “I don’t see a reversal of outsourcing, I see more flavours.”

He goes on to say that there are fewer megadeals, with organizations dividing scope through multisourcing.

At Integris, we’ve noted clients increasingly seeking flexibility to evolve their services based on customer requirements and with market offerings, while also seeking rigidity in enterprise processes (such as reporting, service desk, project coordination, service level management, and chargeback).

There’s a way to accomplish all of this through what we call an integrated services platform.  The platform foundation is grounded in the client’s enterprise process requirements, which a multi-sourcing service integrator then builds upon.

The right foundation – with clear rules and operating processes – allows providers to work better together, encourages transparency, and supports flexibility in the areas that should be flexible.

The primary value proposition of cloud offerings is that they are so simplified and standardized.  Deploying server capacity is faster; storage and e-mail are cheaper.  But, when incorporating them in an enterprise, seamless integration to a firm foundation is key.

– Tim Ryckman, 21-Oct-2013 – [bio]
Tim Ryckman