CIO.com Outsourcing Trends to Watch for 2015

CIO.com just posted its 2015 trends to watch in outsourcing for 2015.

Many of their findings align with Integris Applied’s perspectives, including:

  • “Outcomes Become the Name of the Game”.  Integris believes that services should be tailored toward business outcomes – and that includes descriptions of services, pricing structure, and service level agreements.
  • “Dawn of the Cloud Robots”.  Focus on big data analytics and autonomics will be key in the coming years.  This isn’t just to organize and analyze business data to reduce cost – but also to significantly improve IT quality and service delivery.
  • “Renegotiation Reigns”.  We have found that many clients are in a state of renegotiation.  One driver is the rapid pace of change in IT: that is, contracts from just a few years ago may not have contemplated cloud offerings or increasing security concerns.  A contract must flex to support the changing goals of the relationship: client goals, service provider goals, and market offerings.
  • “Multisourcing Multiplies”. Deals are getting smaller.  More clients are seeking niche players.  While multiple service providers can be helpful – they can be most effective with a contracting and governance platform supporting change and flexibility.
  • “The RFP Fades”.  Particularly in the public sector, it can seem difficult to solicit collaboration from service providers.  RFI or Draft RFP processes (early on) are especially valuable.


– Tim Ryckman, 7-Jan-2015 – [bio]

Tim Ryckman