MATURING COST CAPTURE & CURRENCY: A working example of IT financial management maturity

As IT organizations evolve, the finance function must do so as well.  The finance organization must transform from a reporting function to the role of strategic partner to technology and business strategy.  It must ensure that essential business data (both financial and non-financial) is captured and it must use that data to identify and propose value-enhancing opportunities for the organization.  To reach this strategic level of maturity the finance organization must define where it is today and develop a path to maturity that it can use to cast a vision for itself and its stakeholders.

Integris Applied has worked hands-on with technology organizations that were grappling with this evolution.  Through these experiences we have developed a view of how a finance organization can mature in a measured and methodical manner.

In prior papers, we have described Integris Applied’s approach to assessing and improving financial management maturity.

In this text we will walk through a working example of financial management maturity in the function of Cost Capture & Currency, which is defined as automated capturing and tagging of costs for value-added reporting at varying organizational levels and for industry comparisons.

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– Alejandro Gandara, July 2020 – [bio]