Dispelling the Top 3 MSI Myths

As with any industry, the IT sourcing industry sees continuous change in what is considered “best practice” to achieve their business outcomes.  From large-scale outsourcing, to in-house consolidation, to multi-supplier environments, IT organizations evolve their sourcing and delivery ecosystems to meet business unit needs.

With the onset of “as a service” delivery models, business units no longer need central IT to help them keep pace with a rapidly changing market.  However, enterprises still must manage their IT spend and strategy, lest they revert to the old days of IT sprawl followed by massive consolidation followed by…  and the cycle repeats.

Technology’s increasingly rapid pace of change demands that delivery organizations build a continuously adapting delivery model – one that provides more flexibility than monolithic outsourcing contracts have historically offered.  Organizations must also leverage market-based capabilities that internal IT shops no longer need to replicate.  Managing a multi-supplier environment offers its own set of challenges.  New delivery models have evolved to assist organizations in meeting those challenges.  This paper readdresses issues we have previously explored in a series of blogs, and in bringing fresh perspectives, seeks to dispel some of the myths that have emerged around multisourcing service integration.

Download/View PDF: Dispelling the Top 3 Myths in Multisourcing Service Integration