Integris Applied Continues Partnership with NASCIO

In partnership with Integris Applied, the National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO) released a third report in the series, “The State CIO Operating System: Managing Change in a Sustainable Way.”  This report, “Bridging Trends and Action” describes the path a state CIO and their organization can follow to improve a government’s use of technology across an enterprise.  It describes how state CIOs can embrace a new operating model to adapt to an evolving technology market and the expectations of customers who are growing used to seamless ‘Amazon-like’ experiences with technology.

The report explores important questions for a government enterprise:  How does a CIO navigate the ‘Four Forces’ of a state government enterprise?  How does an organization build the platforms capable of managing multiple sources of supply?  How can state CIO’s meet customer demand by becoming a ‘broker’ of services relevant to agencies and the citizens they serve?  The CIO ‘operating system’ addresses these questions by providing a framework for communicating to stakeholders, establishing the groups and forums necessary to navigate an enterprise, and establishing the organizational capabilities necessary to create a ‘brokerage’ model for service delivery and evolution.

Patrick Moore, Integris Applied Managing Director noted, “The role of the CIO has been changing for years.  Leadership, empathy and the ability to articulate a vision are more important qualities than understanding the ins and outs of a data center.  Identifying customer needs, finding solutions to meet those needs and securing support to implement those solutions in a complex political environment is the key to success for a state CIO.”

Moore continued, “State CIOs must become brokers of multiple services and build delivery platforms that enable continuous evolution of services.  Our work with NASCIO is intended to help governors, legislatures and CIOs understand this evolving role and the critical seat state CIOs occupy in any government enterprise.”

Les Druitt, Integris Applied CEO said, “We are grateful for our partnership with NASCIO.  I would like to thank Mississippi CIO Craig Orgeron, North Carolina CIO Eric Boyette, NASCIO Executive Director Doug Robinson and NASCIO Program Director Eric Sweden for their support.  NASCIO makes an incredible contribution to all state governments and we look forward to working with them for years to come.”

Bridging Trends and Action” is the third in “The State CIO Operating System” program launched by NASCIO in January 2018 and will culminate in the publication of a ‘playbook’ later in the year.  Previous publications can be found at:

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