Critics once thought that an actor could never be president.  Those same critics also thought an actor could never be a sourcing consultant.  Rory McClure proved the critics wrong again.  With a theater degree and a decade of stage work, Rory McClure knows how to get into his clients’ character.  As a senior IT professional with over twenty-five years of experience, Rory’s experience spans multiple disciplines and industries.  Over the last 12 years Rory has focused on state government IT, advising states on complex procurements and IT solution implementations.  He has participated in over a dozen procurements in multiple states – all with TCV over $300 million and two with TCV over $2 billion.  Rory’s depth in the commercial sector includes merger and acquisition activities, and serving as a principal for an IPO.

He has previously served as Enterprise Architect and spent nine years at IBM in systems development and cross-platform application development.  Rory has a degree in Theatre Arts from the University of Texas and worked for nine years in the regional professional theatre.

Rory lives in Austin, TX with his wife and two children.  His themed birthday parties are world renowned and are the envy of any professional stage manager!