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Something Is Afoot

In the last few months I have been on the conference circuit networking, learning and listening.  In some cases ( I am seeing old friends I have known since my days as Georgia’s state CIO.  In other cases I have participated in forums new to me ( and to gain more insight into our customers’ thought process.  No matter how much time I have spent in and around government, there is always some new nugget to pick up at these valuable gatherings.

The exciting trend I am seeing is a growing demand for government innovation.  Government is typically perceived (and often times for good reason) as an impenetrable maze of waste, inefficiency and bureaucracy.  Citizens demand change, politicians promise change, but little ever changes.

However, technology leaders within government are more passionate about change and innovation now than at any time I have seen in my career.  From the evolving role of the CIO to procurement innovation there is a grassroots movement afoot within the walls of government.  And it is taking place at all levels of government – local, state and federal (just look at what the USDA is doing!)

Helping government work better has long been a passion of mine. It is exciting to me and to Integris Applied to be at the center of a conversation designed to change how government serves its citizens. Something is afoot and we look forward to our continued role in the movement.

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– Patrick Moore, May 2018 – [bio]

Patrick Moore