The contract is not "King" in outsourcing

The contract is not “King” in outsourcing

The outsourcing industry has traditionally focused resources on bidding and negotiating strong contracts.  But once a deal is complete, buyers often put less emphasis and minimal resources on managing the resulting commercial relationship. For more than a century the marketplace ...
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metrics 9 Tips for How to Use Operating Level Agreements in Multisourcing

Operating Level Agreements (OLAs) are evolving from simple performance specifications to records of interdependence and shared accountabilities – something fundamentally new in the deal structure of outsourcing.  The changing role of the OLA is a work-in-progress that is opening up ...
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Decision making

Data Collection: The Foundation of Fact-Based Decision Making

One key element in the preparation of any request for proposal (RFP) for outsourced services is the collection of data: both service volumes and financial data.  This information will provide the foundation of the proposals prepared by the service providers ...
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Tim Ryckman

Levers to Optimize the Sourcing Business Case

Numerous factors influence the financial business case of any information technology outsourcing (ITO) initiative, including general market conditions, competition, and service provider strategies and motivations.  While those are all very real inputs to the economics of a transaction, a firm ...
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