As a leader you are expected to bring clarity to your stakeholders, address competing interests and achieve the goals set for your organization.  Evolving customer needs and rapidly shifting technology changes are opening new paths, new choices, new business models, new relationships, and new opportunities.

The traditional command and control approach cannot deliver the innovation and flexibility demanded for success.  Organizations must collaborate across teams, with business units and with their customers.  Integris Applied is defining new methods of collaboration and is creating a new rule book to unlock the potential your organization has in this new world.  We are experienced guides who recognize every journey is unique – that the journey shapes our understanding of what can be achieved.  We have a passion for the potential and a commitment to delivering our clients to their chosen destination.

Your Guide

We Are Trailblazers, Here to Guide You to Your Objective – And Onward

We’re leading consultants, facilitating complex service relationships in ways that are tested, proven and different from anything else out there. Whether you’re looking to reassess your supplier portfolio or transform your IT services delivery model, we have walked in your shoes on journeys similar to yours. And having blazed trails and pioneered an industry, we know the right way to get there.

But it’s not about showing you the way, it’s about navigating with you – because you know where you need to go. We see your vision and we get you there. Our experience is our map. And it’s our job, and our passion, to guide you to success, no matter how uncharted or treacherous the terrain may be. The victory for us is ongoing relationships. The victory for you is credibility with your clients.


  • icon-lighthouseCommon purpose to make information technology sourcing better.
  • icon-trophyExperience with both failed and successful IT transformation programs.
  • icon-lightbulbAbility to provide strategic insight for executives and specific tactics for operational staff.

Your Journey

The Journey is the Strategy

From budgets and procurement processes to technology and business model changes to transitions and transformations — technology affects your entire organization, and the challenges you face make it difficult to find innovative ways to do your job. We believe these challenges will never go away, but we also know how to navigate the full, complex lifecycle of information technology. Your journey is more than a solution. It will continuously foster improvement and innovation, with a team of guides who are ready to roll up their sleeves and stay with you every step of the way.

    Trust is the first—and most important—step on your journey. We approach this step by engaging your stakeholders, sharing facts and communicating with conviction.
    We pride ourselves on delivering lasting outcomes, which is the result of our belief that strong relationships survive transitions, careers and lifetimes. Once we reach your destination, we stay with you as long as we are needed to help facilitate and foster the new way your organization’s relationships are managed. Your next journey is about to begin, and we are only successful if you are.

Your Itinerary

There’s No Summit Without the Climb

You can see the top of the mountain—the change your organization needs. To get there you must help others see the summit, traverse complicated territory and bring a team along with you. Change is difficult for any organization, but planned carefully, the journey to a future state becomes the strategy. Our full suite of change management and outsourcing advisory services will help you create the map that leads you to your destination.

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    Assessment Services
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    Change Management Services
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    Outsourcing Advisory and Implementation Services
  • icon-magnify
    Governance Services

The start of any journey must include a facts-based plan. With a business and technology environment that is constantly evolving, an assessment of where you are, where you want to go and the obstacles (or opportunities) that stand in your way is an important step of the journey. From mapping out your goals to arriving at your destination, our assessment process ensures you stay on the right path to victory.

  • Alignment: goals, constraints, stakeholders
  • Situational Assessment: services, volumes, quality
  • Cost and Contract Analysis: market cost, pricing structure, terms
  • Assessment Report: findings, SWOT analysis, gap identification
  • Marketplace Options: provider capabilities, market offerings
  • Sourcing Options: contractual, procurement process
  • Governance and Organization: models, staffing impact
  • Customer Impact Analysis: scenario modeling, investment re-use
  • Recommended Sourcing Approach: options, benefits, risks

Sourcing initiatives require change. Stakeholders must accept this need to change, team members must understand the vision, and morale must be maintained. Managing that change is something we do well. We help your organization understand its readiness to embark on a change program. Whether you want to renegotiate existing supplier contracts or rebuild your entire IT services delivery model, Integris Applied will help you and your stakeholders form a common understanding of your eagerness to embark on a journey and the steps that must be taken to improve your preparation.

  • Business and Financial Structure aligns change initiatives with business needs.
  • Enterprise Readiness ensures willingness to change among stakeholders and leadership.
  • Platform Maturity creates a delivery platform capable of implementing change.
  • Organizational Readiness establishes a clear agenda, execution team and internal support.

A modern enterprise must adapt quickly. It must be able to integrate legacy systems, as-a-service offerings and exiting outsourced providers in a manner that preserves your ability to manage services to customers. You must build your own dynamic management platforms that allow you to evolve with the market and meet customer demands.

Integris Applied has helped its clients build these platforms based on the following principles:

  • Business unit (end-user) interface is standardized.
  • Governance efficiencies are optimized.
  • Service providers plug-and-play into a set of processes.
  • Cooperation between providers is the result of shared SLAs and OLAs.
  • Replacement of service providers becomes less disruptive.

We do this by walking with you down the path that we ultimately recommend. Our full suite of outsourcing advisory services includes:

  • Business case development
  • Pricing analysis and comparison
  • Stakeholder management
  • RFP development
  • Bid assessment facilitation
  • Negotiation strategy
  • Terms and conditions strategy
  • Transition support

With sourcing becoming more discrete, organizations are now able to buy offerings as a service that previously could only be bought as part of a larger offering. This shift is placing pressure on traditional ITO sourcing models and offering organizations more transparency and choice for their infrastructure services.

This change in what an organization buys and consumes must be accompanied by a change in how IT services are managed. While the purchase and maintenance of certain services is now easier, the management of an IT services portfolio is now more complex. Furthermore, poorly managed service governance tends to deteriorate over time. As governance atrophies, it is no longer able to effectively support the outcomes the delivery platform is intended to produce for the organization and its clients. If atrophy persists, stakeholders establish their own informal routes of escalation and ultimately the core relationships become strained.

We believe that organizations must view their technology governance as part of a management platform that can adapt to changing market offerings and shifting customer needs. Our approach provides the focus service governance needs without treating governance as a special science or allowing it to deteriorate over time. We believe in keeping governance simple, in engaging the entire enterprise and in creating the forums that allow for all parties to engage in the health of the delivery platform. Our services include:

  • Governance Assessment
  • Organizational Readiness Assessment
  • Governance Framework Strategy
  • Stakeholder Management Strategy