Four Activities for Better RFX Outcomes - blog

Four Activities for Better RFX Outcomes – blog

Over the years I’ve put together scores of Requests for Proposals … and Requests for Solutions, Quotations, Tenders and Information. I’ve seen countless checklists, flowcharts and ‘cookbooks’, all designed to ease the process of soliciting bids from the open market ...
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Software Lists in Service Agreements - blog

Software Lists in Service Agreements – blog

Technology services agreements are complex documents and require significant detail in a number of areas. One integral component of any technology services agreement is software, which is being provided as part of, and which is being used in the delivery ...
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World Class Functional Requirements – blog

When looking to purchase technology services, an RFP is typically the first step in the development of a long term, mutually beneficial relationship. Developing an RFP requires much thought. Contract frameworks, project scope, timelines, budget, and performance benchmarks are just ...
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23 Years Later (outsourcing then and now) – blog

Occasionally, Harvard Business Review re-publishes a ‘classic’ article. These are always interesting and, provide a revealing window into leading business thinking at a particular point in time. One such article is “IT Outsourcing: Maximize Flexibility and Control“ written by Mary ...
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Culture of Change – blog

Change is never easy.  Baseball legend Ted Williams refused to hit to the opposite field.  My dad still uses an email account.  And how can we forget the likes of Kodak, Radio Shack and Circuit City.  Well, easily but ...
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