government change

Eliot Ness, Al Capone and Government Change

Every time I read an article like this one describing the improvements government could find if only it were managed better, I am reminded of a quote from “The Untouchables.”  Jim Malone, a savvy veteran cop played by Sean Connery, ...
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GDPR – Are You Ready?

A couple of weeks ago there was an interesting article in Forbes, “Yes, The GDPR Will Affect Your U.S.-Based Business.”  It represents an important ‘heads up’ for US companies. The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation has been extensively covered ...
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conference innovation

Something Is Afoot

In the last few months I have been on the conference circuit networking, learning and listening.  In some cases ( I am seeing old friends I have known since my days as Georgia’s state CIO.  In other cases I have ...
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Continuously Contemporary

Continuously Contemporary Contracting

At a recent Wall Street Journal CIO Network meeting, Ben Fried, the Chief Information Officer at Google, sat with Nikki Waller to discuss the evolving role of the CIO.  Edited excerpts were published in the March 14th edition of the Journal, ...
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Procurement as a Strategy

The National Association of State Procurement Officers (NASPO) just held its annual NASPO Exchange (#NASPOExchange) in New York City. This was my first time attending a NASPO event and I was impressed. The organization does a great job bringing together ...
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