Tim knows almost too much about sourcing and technology. As a former help desk technician, he sometimes goes so far as to source PC repair to himself! All joking aside, Tim can as easily navigate the complexities of a large multi-supplier environment as he can describe the inner workings of a PC motherboard. With over two decades of IT operations and finance experience, Tim can engage with any part of a client’s organization. And having been a client himself, he understands the challenges of implementing recommendations he makes as part of the Integris Applied team. Tim almost becomes one with our clients because he cares about their success almost as much as they do. Like many on our team, Tim has helped influence and lead some of the most complex public sector IT procurements in recent history. Prior to his advisory career, he worked at Delphi Corporation, where he was the finance lead for a global IT data and voice-managed network services transaction.

Tim lives in the greater Detroit area with his wife and four children. When relaxing, Tim (like Winston Churchill) prefers to view the Vermouth from across the room as he drinks his martini.