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We’re veterans in the world of information technology, large organizations and complexity. Our experience qualifies us to do what has not yet been imagined, and we’re ready to guide you on a journey that will change the way you do business. Get to know our team, where we’ve been and the experience we’ve gained along the way.

Les Druitt

Founding Principal

After a career on both the supplier and client sides of IT sourcing transactions, Les helped launch TPI’s Australian IT consultancy in early 1999. Exposure to the most complex transactions and an understanding that the market model needed to evolve (we were not creating an environment for parties to effectively deal with continuous change) led to the formation of his own firm in 2010. Integris Applied represents Les’ vision of a dedicated full-service consultancy that can solve the riddles of shared value among competing interests. Having built a firm that can think and react to each circumstance – that coaches, trains and leads – he’s passionate about the unique needs of every client, one client at a time.

Les lives in Houston, Texas with his wife and two teenagers. While living far from his Australian roots, Les is always ready with a “g’day mate” and a bar-b fired shrimp!

Patrick Moore

Patrick is a seasoned executive who understands that leading a modern organization requires constant change. In his career, Patrick has served U.S. Senators in Washington, DC, worked on political campaigns, led transformational enterprise programs and built teams for complex IT sourcing proposals. As a recovering collegiate rower, Patrick believes that organizations, like racing shells, are inherently unstable – only constant adjustments, team work, and confidence can keep them moving forward. A former CIO, Patrick has walked in the shoes of our clients. And combined with his experience at HP, Patrick has led or influenced most of the largest public sector IT outsourcing programs in recent years. He joined Integris Applied to help organizations adjust to ever-changing conditions and to create outcomes that improve the lives of their customers.

Patrick lives in Atlanta, Georgia with his wife and two sons. He is an active member of Christ the King Catholic church and a senior fellow with the Center for Digital Government. While his rowing days are behind him, he does step into a boat on occasion – and manages to keep it afloat!

Tim Ryckman

Tim knows almost too much about sourcing and technology. As a former help desk technician, he sometimes goes so far as to source PC repair to himself! All joking aside, Tim can as easily navigate the complexities of a large multi-supplier environment as he can describe the inner workings of a PC motherboard. With over two decades of IT operations and finance experience, Tim can engage with any part of a client’s organization. And having been a client himself, he understands the challenges of implementing recommendations he makes as part of the Integris Applied team. Tim almost becomes one with our clients because he cares about their success almost as much as they do. Like many on our team, Tim has helped influence and lead some of the most complex public sector IT procurements in recent history. Prior to his advisory career, he worked at Delphi Corporation, where he was the finance lead for a global IT data and voice-managed network services transaction.

Tim lives in the greater Detroit area with his wife and four children. When relaxing, Tim (like Winston Churchill) prefers to view the Vermouth from across the room as he drinks his martini.

Jon Crawford

Jon embodies the Integris Applied belief that sourcing arrangements must focus on long-term outcomes and relationships. Having managed poorly structured sourcing contracts, Jon does not want his clients to suffer the slings and arrows he has endured.  He specializes in finance and sourcing strategy, and has had a career that belies his youthfulness – spanning all stages of the sourcing lifecycle for ITO and BPO projects. His experience with a variety of consulting services includes RFP development, financial modeling, and contract negotiation for global commercial and public clients.

Jon began his career in contract governance as a financial lead, managing budgeting, invoice disputes and change controls for a $400 million IT contract. This experience developed his vision to design sourcing contracts, which benefit all involved parties after signing. Jon is also a master negotiator who was able to convince his wife to move into a home across the street from his favorite team’s (the Detroit Tigers) stadium.

Geofrey Master

Prior to consulting, Geof spent over 30 years working as a lawyer in EDS and Mayer Brown – but don’t hold that against him! With more than 20 years focused on sourcing transactions, Geof has seen the good and the bad, and knows that Integris Applied is the firm taking outsourcing to a new level. His mission now is to “structure sustainable environments that allow our clients and their suppliers to acknowledge and accept their respective self-interests and build solid and productive relationships.” Geof has worked with clients around the world, across multiple industries on transactions that span the sourcing lifecycle. And he’s also a prolific speaker and writer on technology sourcing.

When Geof is not binge-watching “Archer” and munching Mike & Ikes, he enjoys biking, skiing and travelling with (and without!) his children.

Andrew Chludzinski

We call Andrew “undaunted.”  And how could he not be after spending a lifetime pronouncing “Chludzinski” for anyone he meets!  Andrew has over 25 years of experience as an advisor and as a supplier across multiple industries and multiple client situations.  He is as at home in a large New York bank as he is inside a state government enterprise. Andrew embodies the “get ‘er done” mindset – after all, he is undaunted.  All told the projects on which he has been engaged have a total contract value of more than $9 billion (plus another $5 billion for strategy and assessment).

Andrew’s recent work has focused on training and advising client personnel, giving them the tools and expertise they need to sustain the changes he helps them implement. From governance processes for managing sourcing agreements to advising current IT service providers on improving relationships, Andrew understands the industry and the strategy for success.

Andrew lives in New Jersey with his wife and son. When he is not escaping to Camden Yards to take in an Orioles game, he is on his Harley Davidson burning up the road.

Mark Gallagher

Mark has a unique answer when asked what has most influenced his view of a client engagement. Mark’s training as a pilot has given him the ability to look across a broad landscape.  His aerial perspective combined with over 25 years of IT experience, including several big-budget initiatives such as the fourth largest umbrella health and human services state agency in the nation (with an annual $3 billion budget supported by $200 million of IT services) and an infrastructure deployment for the country’s fifth largest public level 1 trauma center (resulting in the surrounding community benefiting from more than $100 million of outreach services) you have an advisor who can fly the plane, and work on the engine.

Prior to his advisory role, Mark worked as a consultant for a global information technology firm as well as several large tech providers.  Mark lives in Atlanta, GA and is a proud father of his teenage son.

Alejandro Gandara

Alejandro “Gandalf” Gandara is a wizard with numbers.  With a background in all things financial, Alejandro brings strong analytical capabilities and a calm “I got this” mentality to client engagements. Whether he is performing a pricing assessment or helping structure contract terms to create the right incentives for all parties, Alejandro does things one would not expect of someone of such diminutive age!  From industrial manufacturers to international food retailers, to large state governments, his wide variety of clients has given him a perspective that brings depth and confidence to all of his work.

Prior to joining Integris Applied, Alejandro was a controller responsible for managing all account financials – including $50 million in annual revenue, financial contract management, procurement and pricing. He also led financial and budgetary forecasting efforts for state and local government clients with nearly $1 billion in contract value.

Alejandro lives in San Antonio, TX.  In his free time Alejandro enjoys family and friends and pursuing his many interests, which include playing guitar and piano, philosophy, economics and his five dogs. Alejandro is fluent in Spanish and is working toward fluency in French.

Nick James

Nick directs Integris Applied activity in Europe.  His intellect, wit and enthusiasm is helping us break new ground in a sophisticated sourcing market. A highly experienced subject matter expert in sourcing and procurement, both supply- and client-side, his career spans 30 years (nearly half of which has been spent in international markets). He has particular expertise in the healthcare ICT arena, backed by 10 years in leadership positions in the sector – UK and globally – including leading a successful multi-supplier network bid to the Department of Health in the UK and developing and delivering the BT Health strategy for global expansion.

While fluent in French and something of a food lover, he can read menus in several European languages. He likes to spend his down time either travelling long haul to hot countries with his wife or trying to understand what exactly his dogs are asking for now.

Rory McClure

Critics once thought that an actor could never be president.  Those same critics also thought an actor could never be a sourcing consultant.  Rory McClure proved the critics wrong again.  With a theater degree and a decade of stage work, Rory McClure knows how to get into his clients’ character.  As a senior IT professional with over twenty-five years of experience, Rory’s experience spans multiple disciplines and industries.  Over the last 12 years Rory has focused on state government IT, advising states on complex procurements and IT solution implementations.  He has participated in over a dozen procurements in multiple states – all with TCV over $300 million and two with TCV over $2 billion.  Rory’s depth in the commercial sector includes merger and acquisition activities, and serving as a principal for an IPO.

He has previously served as Enterprise Architect and spent nine years at IBM in systems development and cross-platform application development.  Rory has a degree in Theatre Arts from the University of Texas and worked for nine years in the regional professional theatre.

Rory lives in Austin, TX with his wife and two children.  His themed birthday parties are world renowned and are the envy of any professional stage manager!

Lynn McNeal

Lynn brings over 30 years of domestic and international outsourcing experience to Integris Applied and his clients.  He has advised clients across cultures, languages and time zones.  He understands that every organization is complex and unique, and that sourcing strategies must align with specific client needs.  Lynn has completed multiple large projects including outsourcing renegotiations, a global fixed-price SAP development project, the divestiture of multiple lines of business and supported an IT Market Test and Rebid team for a global manufacturing company. Lynn also led a joint outsourcing program for an international bank with intense participation by both the London and New York headquarters. He supported a negotiation of $160 million in outsourcing contracts for a Latin American food company, then aided their expansion via acquisition into the North American market. And he led a combined European and Latin American team with representatives from 16 countries to develop consistent multi-lingual infrastructure outsourcing requirements.

Prior to his consulting career, Lynn spent 20 years delivering outsourcing services with Electronic Data Systems (EDS). He held multiple senior management positions within the US and Europe, responsible for client relationships, service delivery, operations, sales support and a large variety of projects. Lynn speaks English, French and Spanish and has been published on numerous sourcing topics.

Lynn lives in Waxhaw, North Carolina with his wife.  He is most proud of the three daughters he has raised and looks forward to the pay raise he will receive when the third one has graduated from college!

Chris Payne

A proficient chess player, Chris understands the nuances of the Ruy Lopez opening, but his Integris Applied colleagues are more impressed with his financial and technical acumen. Chris has experience with all aspects of sourcing strategies and their implementations and has been involved in some of the largest state government sourcing transactions in recent history (over $4 billion in TCV).  As a former buyer of IT services, Chris understands how to build effective relationships across parties and how to create win-win outcomes.

Prior to his consulting career, Chris held a number of financial and information technology positions in the automotive industry. His responsibilities included the pricing of proposals, and the design and implementation of an enterprise cost accounting system.

Chris lives in Detroit, Michigan with his wife and two young children.  When he is not pursuing his grand master rating, Chris enjoys reading and spending time with his family.

Randy Tucker

30 years.  50+ engagements.  Multiple industries.  Yes, Randy Tucker has seen it all. From simple strategy to the negotiation of multi-million dollar agreements to ongoing delivery and management of sourcing relationships, Randy has guided his clients though myriad changes. He can speak banking, airlines, finance, public sector – you name it.  Randy is currently helping a multi-billion dollar enterprise shift to a multi-supplier delivery model.  This second generation sourcing engagement is setting precedents for the industry and how clients interact with the market.

Prior to joining Integris Applied, Randy led a global application development and maintenance transaction for a Fortune 30 company – resulting in a multi-supplier agreement with both a Tier 1 and Tier 2 supplier. This assignment completed on time and on budget, with high client satisfaction.

He serves as an Elder of the Prestoncrest church of Christ in Dallas, Texas where he and his wife mentor engaged and newly married couples and lead an annual medical mission to Guatemala.  Randy and his wife Michelle have been married for over 30 years and are the parents of two grown sons.

Randy holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Accounting from Abilene Christian University, a Master of Business Administration degree in Finance, and he is a Certified Public Accountant.

John Pirtle

John is an outsourcing and shared services innovator focused on the effective and efficient management of both Information Technology (IT) and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) relationships.

With more than 30 years of outsourcing and shared services experience, he has shaped both strategy and structure for more than 50 major relationships totaling more than US$100 billion of contract value. He has significant international contracting experience, including five years based in Sydney, Australia where he established TPI’s Asia/Pacific practice and engineered major transactions across Asia and Europe.

John lives in Punta Gorda, Florida with his wife Kathleen where they enjoy spending as much time on the water as possible.

Beth Rohde

Beth is a thought leader, sales leader and client advocate with over 19 years of information technology services and consulting experience. During her career at Hewlett Packard, she participated in the development of solutions and strategies that led to hundreds of millions of dollars in contract awards in the United States and globally. In her most recent assignment Beth led HP’s Organizational Change Management group: leading methodology development; mentoring staff members; driving business development; and providing expertise to client engagements. As a management consultant, Beth has extensive experience in the C-Suite across a variety of disciplines including organizational change management, organizational design, strategic planning for technology organizations, process improvement, process reengineering and the establishment of program offices.

Beth lives in South Carolina with her husband Jeff. They spend much time on the lake, in both SC and NY, where Beth grew up. She is an avid college basketball fan and loves to cook and entertain.

Gerardo Fernandez

For over 25 years, Gerardo has provided strategic planning, financial analysis, project management, performance assessments and efficient governance processes for large-scale complex IT environments.   Focusing on defining successful sourcing alternatives and their implementation, Gerardo has been counseling C-level IT executives for market-leading corporations in North and South America almost as long as Adam West has portrayed him on TV.

Gerardo has advised clients through large, global IT transformation initiatives involving the different aspects sourcing strategies, from building RFPs to negotiating sourcing agreements and their corresponding transitions.  Before becoming a sourcing advisor, he was a Project Executive for a leading global supplier of IT Sourcing Services.

Gerardo lives in Vienna, Virginia with his wife and sidekick Robyn – who, like his clients, refer to him affectionately as “Batman”.   They enjoy traveling and spending time with their two heroic daughters who recently graduated from college.